Textile Mills in India

Textile manufacturing is a major industry. It is largely based on the conversion of fibre into yarn which will be converted into fabrics. These fabrics are then dyed, cut, designed and stitched together to give you the clothing of your desire. What was first started as a means to protect the human body from harsher weather conditions and for survival has gone on to be a way of living today.

Textile Mills are the manufacturing hub where clothing is made. India is one of the world’s most popular Textile Manufacturing countries and is the second-largest global manufacturer. Textile Mills in India have been reinventing manufacturing techniques to meet the massive global demand. We at Cotton Monk are one such proud manufacturers in the textile hub, who understand textiles and fabrics in detail as a result of our prolonged experience in this field. With high-end equipment’s, infrastructure and a very efficient team, we have been able to cater to any textile demand thus building for ourselves a great reputation and retention amongst our clients.

Largest Textile Mills in India

As a textile’s utility doesn’t end with clothing, Textile Mills in India offer a variety of options for customising fabrics for furnishing, carpeting, making towels, backpacks, rags, sacks and many more. As a result, a wide variety of textiles are available in the market, each with its own unique function and usage.

Textile Mills in India majorly produce four categories of fabrics that can be segregated based on two-pointers. The first one being the source of the textile i.e Natural and Synthetic. Much like their names, Natural fabrics like cotton and silk are obtained from animals and plants while Synthetic ones like Rayon and Nylon are created by us humans.

Best Textile Mills in South India

The third and fourth categories are distinguished based on their production as either woven fabrics or knitted ones. Woven fabrics are made by interweaving two pieces of yarn in a horizontal and vertical fashion. Denim, Silk, Satin and Linen are all examples of this category. Knitted fabrics on the other hand are a little more stretchable as they are made by forming yarn in an interconnecting loop design as seen in lace, mesh and even wool.

All though these are the broader categories, it is difficult to list down the several thousand varieties of textiles that are available for use. So we decided to pick some of the top textiles that are manufactured by Textile Mills in India and understand the properties of these fabrics in order to be able to make more conscious and relevant cloth manufacturing choices.

Cotton Textile Mills in India

Cotton – The most popular and utilitarian fabric available, it is soft, light and smooth on the skin. Cotton is very comfortable, durable and breezy that comes in as an added advantage because of its lightweight. It is widely used in the summers for its airy tendencies and the ability to dry very quickly. Any possible garment can be woven or knit using cotton.

Leather – The more hippy fabric, this one has a very unique composition. It is often made of animal skin or in the case of faux leather, synthetic fabric that is made to replicate the animal skin. Leather depending on the source can vary in terms of its longevity, durability and care pattern. It is often used to make bags, belts, shoes, jackets and pants.

Denim – Another commonly used material, denim is also made by intertwining cotton yarn as is known for its sturdiness and durability. It is mostly dyed with indigo to create blue jeans and jackets.

Lace – The Royalty of fabrics, lace is the twisted and knitted yarn that is made into a soft transparent fabric. It is usually used to decorate or embellish clothing and accessories.

Silk – Another luxury fabric, silk has often been associated with status and class. Elegant, smooth and shimmery, silk comes from silkworms majorly produced in Asia and Europe. Although delicate, silk is durable, strong and as a result relatively expensive.

Chiffon – It is a lightweight fabric that is sheer and gives a slightly rough finish because of its weave pattern. As it can be easily dyed, most of your sarees, gown and the more flowy dresses are made using chiffon.

Linen – One of the earliest fabrics, it is a lightweight fabric that is made from natural fibres. It is smooth, cool and absorbent and is mostly used in drapes, table cloths and bed sheets as it creases easily due to its lightness.

Wool – Our beloved wool fabric is made by knitting natural fibre that comes from sheep or goat. Although a little itchy, it keeps the body warm and is long-lasting. It is mostly used in sweaters and winter wear.

Textile industry in India

No matter the fabric, we at Cotton Monk have been inclined towards making the best quality designs based on our clients’ expectations. Although a little partial towards the cotton fabric, as one of the better Textile Mills in India, our employees and the team of experts enjoy working on any fabric with extreme precision and care. Well if you don’t believe us, get in touch with us to sample our designs and experience us yourselves!


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