We at Cotton Monk are one of the leading organic clothing manufacturers. We supply kids clothes made of organic fabrics for many children’s brands across the world. The important factor in producing organic clothes is that it’s not only the raw materials which are organic but the entire chain of manufacturing is done in a manner that the end product is completely organic as it spells. This includes dyeing and printing which is done in the certified azo free manner.

Our organic clothing varieties include Cotton, Linen, Bamboo and Hemp. The special attention goes into the making of these kids clothes ensures that all of our organic clothing clients are repeat clients and they continue to partner with us. All the products are tested with ISO standards before it is packed and shipped.

Here is some more information on Organic cotton and how it is beneficial.

What is Organic Cotton Farming?

One major differentiator between growing cotton organically and inorganically is that organic cotton focuses on growing soil fertility as well as growing the cotton in the best natural way possible. Organic cotton is grown without using fertilizers, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals. All methods of organic farming are approved which results in the harvesting of chemical-free cotton.

General benefits of Organic Cotton

  1. Impact on environment
  • 26% reduced pollution of waterways
  • 46% reduced greenhouse emissions
  • 62% reduced energy
  • 70% less potential for acid rain
  • 91% reduced water consumption
  1. Durability

Organic cotton is just as strong and durable as regular cotton. In fact, it is farmed with intense care, so the customers enjoy the privilege of having better quality. When it comes to kids, they grow so fast and chances are that you will only replace their clothes when they cannot fit into them anymore! Customers can wash their shirts or pants every day and it still wouldn’t affect the quality.

  1. Toxic Chemicals

To keep the cotton bug free, many chemicals are sprayed on it and the sprayers tend to buy it in as cheap as possible. The Environmental Protection Agency monitors such chemicals and classifies a few of them to be carcinogenic. For example Permethrin.

  1. Reduced Cost of Seeds

The cotton seeds are grown naturally instead of processed ones. The production cost is cut into almost half due to the natural seeds, zero use of toxic chemicals, and no storing cost of all these fertilizers or pesticides which a processed seed or GT(genetically modified) seed would cost.

  1. Prevents Skin Allergies

People who are allergic to certain types of chemicals can be carefree while wearing a cloth made of organic cotton. Also, organic cotton smells better when compared to usual cotton types.

  1. Prevents Fatalities

Mishandling of chemicals and fertilizers leads to certain injuries or damage to somebody parts of farmers or workers. Inorganically grown cotton, there is no such threat.

  1. More comfort to the baby

When we surveyed a few moms and asked about their reaction to organic clothing, the most common answer we received was, “babies tend to feel more comfortable at home or while playing outside in cotton clothes made organically!”. The climate was not a concern for these moms. Organic cotton can suck the sweat and keep the baby cool in summer as well as can keep them warm in winter.

Is Organic Cotton Legit?

Growing organic cotton can be difficult and expensive when the customers don’t know the source. For example: Some organic cotton cultivators use an organic pesticide that causes the same harm to the environment as inorganic cotton. So, it is necessary to look for certifications like GOTS and Fair Trade while purchasing any organic cotton clothings.

Other Benefits of Organic Cotton

Most of the moms wonder about what exactly is organic cotton or what is the requirement for it at all?

Well, here is an answer! From the time the baby is born, parents tend to buy things that are natural rather than going with things that have added chemicals in them. Natural food like fruits and vegetables that are free from antibiotics or added hormones have always been a primary concern for kids and the second being natural baths or lotions for the skin. Have you ever considered that only baths or lotions are just not enough to take care of a baby’s skin?

So, no matter how old or young your kid is, here’s something that you should know about how to protect your baby’s skin using organic clothing. Yes, you read it right! Organic cotton clothes are effective in so many ways including this.

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