Knitting Mills in India

Anyone who has heard of the term fashion and textile is sure to have also heard about the term knitting. Apart from being a famous pass time hobby amongst the elderly and young, knitting also forms the base of the textile industry. Knitting Mills in India is popularly known around the world for its quality and fine technique.

Knitting is a method of creating textile or fabric by manipulating yards. It is used to make several types of garments and can be done by either hand or machine. A majority of Knitting Mills in India are situated in Tirupur thus contributing to over 90% of India’s total knitwear productions. This makes India one of the largest textile exporting countries in the world.

Knitting Industry in India

Cotton Monk is one of the many knitting mills in India that comes from Tirupur, the Knitting capital of India Click here to know more about India’s Knitwear Capital. Cotton Monk is well known for its well-trained labor, modern infrastructure, experience and expertise that is built over our 40 years legacy in the textile business. Our aim is to manufacture knitted garments that meet local demands with world-class quality. Working towards our aim to the best of our capabilities has earned us the trust and retention of our clients.

Knitting basically creates stitches by intertwining loops of yarn either in a row or a round format. Knitting mills manufacturer fabrics that consist of a number of consecutive rows of loops that intersect with the next and the previous rows. As this involves several active stitches, fabrics are often knitted using machinery that gets the work done with extreme speed and precision as several needles can be put to work simultaneously.

Knitting companies in India

Knitting Mills in India provide the scope for a lot of creative experimentation as different yarn, needle size and stitches can lead to different results of knitted fabric that vary in colour, texture and even properties like insulation and surface integrity. In fact, even the type, weight and uniformity of the yarn strings can lead to varying results. But the main difference arises from the type of stitch or pattern used to twist the yarn together.

Jersey – It is the most common type of knit fabric that is also called the single or plain knit. It is what is commonly used in textiles and furniture. It is relatively light and soft on the skin and thus is used in fabrics for making tees and dresses of materials like hemp, bamboo and even cotton.

Knitwear manufacturers in India

Elastane Knit – As comfortable as cotton, these are knitted fabrics that are soft and flexible. These fabrics have a lot of breathing space and can be stretched out easily. Most sleepwear is made of Elastane knit fabrics.

Rib Knit – These fabrics have distinct vertical knit patterns on both sides of the fabric and is reversible. It is used to stitch together the ends of cuffs, necklines, hems and turtlenecks. It can be made of any fibre from bamboo and hemp to wool and cotton.

Knitted Fabric Manufacturers in India

Double Knit – It is double the thickness of a single knit fabric with slightly less stretch tolerance. It often looks the same on both sides. Double Knit fabrics are considered to be more stable, thick and fluffy and can be made of cotton, wool or even synthetic fiber.

Interlock Knit – These are reversible knit fabrics that have a very fine knitting pattern similar to jersey knit. They are so smooth that they are ideal for design work, embroidery and painting. They are also thicker and studier thus making them suitable for fitted dresses and tailored clothes.

Lace knits – One of the more beautiful-looking patterns, lace knits are more elastic fabrics that have a very royal, lace-like pattern to it. However, they require high maintenance due to their delicate nature.

Knitting market in India

Sweater knits – You know a sweater knit when you see one. Specifically made for insulation, they are closely knit to give a strong fabric that’ll keep you warm. Open to a wide option of textures, these kits have immense scope for creative design.

Knitting Mills in India has been seeing a growing demand with the rise in eco-conscious fashion and the need to wear good quality, long-lasting clothes. Cotton Monk is proud to be contributing its bit by being a dedicated part of India’s Knitwear Capital that is home to over 10,000 garment manufacturing industries.

Despite the tough times and testing conditions, manufacturers in India are working hard to retain our country’s position as one of the best Knitwear manufacturers in the world. Knitting mills in India are a living breathing example of how it takes a lot to break the true spirit of passion and art!


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