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Imagine being a brand that often receives complaints and returns from customers for selling products that aren’t up to the promised quality in terms of size, fitting or even fabric design. Wouldn’t that be the worst thing to happen to a business owner? But would you be surprised if I tell you that this can be traced back to just one manufacturing process that can make it or break it for brands?
Quality Testing is an often underestimated but extremely crucial procedure when it comes to manufacturing clothes. Garment Manufacturers in India have been trying to protect these brands by giving their best possible product. This is why we at Cotton Monk, have always been conscious about prioritizing Quality Control in our manufacturing processes. With about 40 years in the field, we understand how quality is the most important aspect of the process and try to achieve the best of it through a team of qualified experts and high-end machinery. To meet the ongoing demand for precise, high-quality fabric, we come up with integrated solutions that have helped us build a strong sense of trust and reputation amongst our customers.

Garment manufacturing industries in India

Garment Manufacturers in India have constantly been experimenting with new ways to ensure that top quality products are delivered at affordable prices. This is because pricing and quality are the two deciding factors of success in the textile and fashion industry. As a result of this heavy competition, garment manufacturers in india tend to reach out to clients at compromised prices but how far will the promised quality be delivered is a question that we’ll leave to you.
To brief you a little about the process of textile manufacturing, it starts from selecting the right kind of yarn and raw materials for the desired product. In the case of cotton, cotton bales are brought from the farm to spinning mills where these raw fibers are converted into yarns. These yarns are then dyed and knitted in different combinations to produce long folds of fabrics which would then be stitched into the desired product.

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Before packaging and delivering these products comes the most crucial stage of manufacturing – The Quality Assurance Test. This is the process where each product is checked in terms of its colours, designs, durability and size. The most well-equipped Garment Manufacturers in India follow the three stages of the Quality assurance Process to make products to meet their client’s expectations.

Stage 1 – Pre Production (top 10 garment manufacturing companies in world)

This stage is also known as the raw material inspection. When we say raw materials we aren’t just addressing the cloth but also other details like the buttons, zipper, sewing thread etc. How the garment is perceived largely depends on the quality of its raw materials and so this becomes a very crucial stage.
This process begins with inspecting the fabric in terms of its colour, quality, dye quality, irritability on the skin, etc. As the fabric is the base of a finished good it is necessary to do a detailed inspection of its quality. Following which the secondary details like buttons and zippers are to be tested for quality, size, uniformity and colour contrast. Similarly, even the sewing threads are to be tested for their strength, sturdiness and thickness to ensure that the stitches are firmly held together during the sewing process.

Stage 2 – Production (Garment Manufacturing Industry)

Also known as in-process inspection, it consists of quality tests that are conducted while the fabric is being converted into the desired product. Done properly, this process can eliminate up to 80% of the manufacturing defects caused in the final product.
This process includes a number of tests including measurement, fitting and fatigue tests. Garment manufacturers in India are especially cautious about size and fitting as they are the factors responsible for most returns amongst clothing brands. This stage also includes checking some other factors like the overall look and feel of the garment, its formation, physical properties, colour sturdiness and fineness of stitches.

Stage 3 – Post Production (Top garment exporters in India)

Post Production majorly consists of inspecting the finished product for any other defects that’d have been missed out or would have been caused during the previous two stages. Order quantity is also rechecked at this stage. Products are usually picked at random for the quality testing process where they are classified into these categories based on the severity of defects (if any)

Critical Defects – Ones that are very serious and can even be harmful to the consumer.

Major Defects – Defects that fail to pass the regulations or expectations of the buyers. These can include stitching defects, dye patches, measurement errors, broken buttons, etc.

Minor Defects – Small workmanship defects like inside seams, collars or embroidery that aren’t visible to the naked eye and can be quickly repaired in time for packaging and delivery.

Post-inspection, the fabrics are neatly packed and assorted to be sent for delivery after having passed all three stages of the quality test.
Garment manufacturers in India pay a lot of importance to the Quality Assurance Tests to ensure that their clients receive the best of the products. But this can only be verified by their client retention to understand how far the expected quality and demand is met. This is why we at Cotton Monk are elated to tell you that 89% of our customers are repeat customers.

This is a result of building trust through years of understanding the nuances of the textile business and hiring only experts to verify the quality of our products. So the next time you are looking at manufacturing some quality products for your brand, ensure that your manufacturer follows strict Quality Assurance Methods. And if you’d still like to test your options out, then we at Cotton Monk are always ready to manufacture samples for you to test our quality standards! Contact us for more details on the same.


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