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Of all the businesses, textile manufacturers in India contribute to about 2 % of our country’s total GDP and are the second-largest employer in the country. Our manufacturers have been producing such great qualities of apparels that apart from the huge domestic demand, we are the second-largest textile producers in the world and contribute to about 5% of the global share in export of apparels.

As a result, textile manufacturers in India have been seeing a growing demand while trying to come up with innovative ways to stand out amongst the crowd. Cotton Monk has been able to build for itself a loyal client base and trust through our years of experience and expertise in the field of textile manufacturing. We have constantly been updating ourselves, our textile knowledge and our infrastructure and machinery based on global trends, technological advancements and the fast-growing market.

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The process of Textile Manufacturing starts from converting yarn into fibre and then into the desired apparel after dyeing the fibre, cutting it based on the design and then stitching it together. Apparels are then customised through prints, embroidery, or texture treatment based on the client’s requirement and the brand’s identity.

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Textile Manufacturing can be broadly categorised into three stages – Pre-Production which is the treatment of the raw material, Production which is the conversion of the fabric into the desired clothing item and Post Production which involves the quality control and packaging processes. To further simplify it, if this journey of yarn to a finished, delivered product is to be tracked then it can be done in five steps –

Step 1 – Producing / Outsourcing the raw materials
In this step, the right kind of yarn is selected for the desired product. Textile Manufacturers in India give a lot of importance to this stage as the quality of the raw material is crucial in determining the quality of the final product. In the case of cotton, harvested cotton from the farms that are stored in large rectangular shapes known as cotton bales are brought to spinning mills where these cotton fibres are converted into yarns.

Step 2 – Conversion of yarn into Fabric
The conversion of yarn into fabrics can be done through several methods of which two of them are the most common. Natural fibres like cotton, wool and silk or man-made ones like rayon and nylon, are turned into textiles using either knitting or weaving.

Weaving is the process of creating fabric where two distinctive sets of yarns are interlaced at right angles. Knitting on the other hand is a method of yarn manipulation using loops of yarn in a row, either flat or in the round.

Step 3 – Manufacturing apparels from the fabric
The fabrics are pre-treated by dyeing or printing them based on the required colours. They are then cut based on the design of the apparel and stitched together to give the desired product. Any finishing touches like treatment of the apparel, textures, embellishments, graphic prints, adding buttons, zippers and labels are all taken care of in this stage.

Step 4 – Quality Control
The final product has to then go through another crucial stage called the Quality Assurance Test. In this step, each product is checked in terms of its size, durability, colour and design. The more trusted Textile Manufacturers in India like Cotton Monk follow a three-stage Quality Assurance process from Pre-production, production to Post-production to ensure that only the best of the products reach the client.

Step 5 – Packaging and Delivery
When the apparel has been made to suit the client’s brief, a sample is first sent for approval to them. Based on their feedback, the required changes are incorporated and the apparels are manufactured in bulk. Once approved, it is packed neatly and processed for delivery across the globe.

Textile manufacturing companies in india

Although most Textile Manufacturers in India focus on retail manufacturing, we at Cotton Monk are into the wholesale business thus catering to our clients’ demands on an end to end basis. We practise manufacturing fabrics from pre-production, production and post-production for use by commercial organisations, professional business, global brands and retailers. We manufacture, assemble, sort and grade products in both massive numbers as well as Minimum Order Quantities starting from 50 products per design.

Cotton Monk has always been proud of its credibility and client feedback from across nations. Our apparels have been used by brands around the globe because of our quality and timely services. As one of the leading Textile Manufacturers in India, we have always made it a point to prioritise our client’s demand and manufacture the best of each product to retain the brand identity. Contact us to sample your product line and know what the hype is all about for yourself.


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