Clothing Manufacturers in Asia

Summer is here and one can’t but glorify the use of cotton fabrics during this season. Cotton is one of the most essential fibre crops not just in India but also in countries all around the world. Especially so in Asia because of its tropical climatic conditions. As a result of housing two of the world’s three biggest cotton producers – India and China, Clothing Manufacturers in Asia have been facing an excessive demand in the production of their cotton fabrics.

In the knitting capital of the world’s top cotton-producing countries, lies our humble business that was born out of a 40-year-old textile legacy. We at Cotton Monk take immense pride in the reputation that we have managed to build through the years as one of the Best Clothing Manufacturers in Asia. As our name suggests, we’ve pioneered the art of manufacturing cotton textiles and fabrics. Our quality and texture that is a result of our modern infrastructure, a dedicated team of specialists and advanced machinery help us to cater to any client’s demand and produce any kind of clothing irrespective of age and gender!

But what is it about the fabric that makes it such a big summer hit? (Cloth Manufacturers Asia)

Cotton is a great insulator as it doesn’t conduct temperatures and so it helps keep you cold during the summers and warm during the winters. It is a natural fibre and thus is soft on the skin and keeps the skin comfortable without causing irritation or allergies. Cotton’s versatility only increases it’s demand as several materials like denim, corduroy and chino can be created using cotton fabrics. It also takes in dyes well thus making it easy to experiment with vivid colours.

Why is India the highest producer of Cotton? (Asia Cloth Manufacturers)

Clothing Manufacturers in Asia, specifically so in India, have the added advantage of having an ideal climate to grow cotton. Cotton requires some fairly heavy soil, plenty of sunlight, moderate rainfall, pesticides and a uniformly high temperature varying between 21 and 30 degrees Celsius. All of these conditions are not just possible but also favourable to a great extent in our country thus making it the leading producer of cotton in the world.

How is Cotton grown? (Best Clothing Manufacturers in Asia)

Given our country’s interest in agriculture and favourable conditions like availability of labour and ideal temperatures, Cotton production has seen a massive market in India. For producing cotton, Clothing Manufacturers in Asia follow the below given key processes to make the yarn that is to be processed into the desired textiles

  • • In the most ideal climate and temperature, the cotton seeds are sown in heavy soil that’s rich in nutrients
  • • It is then mentored for the said 2-3 months of its growth stage where the saplings turn into flower buds called squares and then blossom and fall out to leave green pods called Cotton balls.
  • • Inside the ball, moist white fibres grow and start pushing out of the seed until under the sun it bursts open into small fluffy cloud-like structures.
  • • These soft, fluffy cotton balls are then harvested either manually where they are hand-picked or mechanically where machines are used to pick these balls.
  • • The picked cotton is taken to a ginnery where cotton gins separate the seeds, dirt, twigs and leaves from the cotton fibre.
  • • These fibres are then separated and classified based on their length, texture, colour, quality and uniformity through the process of grading. On the basis of length, structure and strength cotton can be broadly categorised into three categories from superior to inferior – long Staple Cotton. medium staple cotton and short-staple cotton.
  • • Post grading, these fibres are compressed into large rectangular blocks called bales. Bales are covered and bound for the upcoming stages of processing.
  • • Further cleaning ensures the removal of any kind of impurity from these bales. The clean cotton is packaged into rolls. These fibres are then untangled and arranged in a parallel manner through the process of carding and combing.
  • • After several stages of cleaning, purification and untangling, the yarn is sent for spinning before it is wound into spools or cones for textile manufacturing.

Cotton has played an important role in the fashion industry and also households alike for several years now. Not just the clothes we wear, but from the cushions on our sofa to our beautiful window curtains and favourite bedspreads, cotton has played a vital role in keeping us warm and comfortable and making the home feel more like home. Here’s where textile creators, especially Leading Clothing Manufacturers in Asia like us come into play to ensure that the best quality of cotton fabrics and textiles is delivered to you.

We at Cotton Monk have always followed and believed in client satisfaction and putting our best work and effort forward for every piece that is manufactured here. Quality testing is no cakewalk but we ensure that it is thoroughly taken care of through our well-equipped machinery, a team of experts and end-to-end set up for manufacturing our products. Our experience in the industry has helped us understand the business of cotton and the knack of manufacturing the best cotton products. So the next time you are looking for cotton manufacturers, you know who to reach out to!


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