Fashion has two purposes: COMFORT and LOVE. Coco Chanel ( a French fashion designer) has said that “Beauty comes when fashion succeeds”. Especially with rapidly changing seasons, choosing the right attire becomes
very important.

The knowledge that you can choose comfortable clothing makes a huge impact in the fashion world. Fashion trends are not rocket science. You can get good knowledge when you get proper tips and guidance.

Seasons and clothing choices

Spring has new beginnings, starts in February, and lasts till mid-April. The snowdrops and flowers symbolize spring.

This season is a combination of warm and cool weather. So, your fabric should work on these two conditions. Clothes like cotton, tropical wool, spring cashmere are fabulous choices during the spring season.

Summer, the hottest season of the year, starts from mid-April and lasts till June. Although this season can get annoying with all the sweat and humidity, most of us associate it with fond memories from our childhood filled with sweet treats and cold drinks.

No one wants to wear a sweaty, sticky dress in such weather. So your clothes should absorb sweat and be breathable. Linen, silk, Khadi, and cotton are the best choices to wear during this season. Cotton is the most favorite material for many people.

Monsoon or rainy season lasting from June to September. It is the most favorite season of all. Rain, earthy smell, drenching in rain, paper boats, running to the terrace to watch the rainbow, a lot of childhood memories come into mind.

Raincoats and gumboots protect you from getting drenched. A bright color dress will give you the better look.

Winter is the

coldest season of the year. Its cozy, laid-back attitude makes it one of the most preferred seasons amongst the general public. The temperature goes below zero degrees centigrade in some regions.

So, your winter cloth should keep you warm. Fabrics like wool, cotton, leather, fur, and fleece will do a good job this season. Fall and winter wear are more durable than others.

What are Some Preferred Summer Fabrics?


is around the corner, most of you might have started making changes to your wardrobe with a wide range of styling choices. But you should pay attention to your comfort level rather than color trends when you start styling your dress.

Some of you may not have an idea of the cloth that would go best for summer, and some of you may be skeptical that you should compromise on styles. The truth is, you can cater to both these demands while making your skin happy. From skirts, kurtas, maxis, tops, shirts, trousers and more, you can wear whatever you please!

Here are the best clothes to wear in summer:


Cotton is a natural fiber, soft, fluffy. No matter what country or region you are in, you can wear this, and has been the most widely used fabric for generations. Cotton allows air circulation and absorbs moisture so you can avoid skin irritation and sensitivity. Good quality cotton will also help you stay cool.

Cotton is highly recommended for children and elderly people because it is soft on the skin. It is lightweight and easy to sew.

Tips for maintaining cotton for longer use

  1. Machine washes don’t affect the fabric as much.
  2. Do not dry cotton dresses in sunlight.
  3. Prolonged sun exposure will ruin the fabric.


Linen is another good choice to wear in summer.   It is a natural fiber like cotton and will keep you cool and comfortable when you wear it. It is shinier than cotton. Linen cloth has moisture-wicking properties and dries better than cotton.   Linen is a wonderful option for people with skin allergies. It is lightweight, durable, and keeps you cool in warmer months.

Like cotton, it does not lose its strength in sunlight. It is often used to make household items such as bedsheets and curtains.

Tips for maintaining Linen fabric

  • Gentle machine wash is highly recommend
  • It needs to be ironed before every use.


A cotton plain-weave fabric, Chambray was often confused with denim as it was available in light blue. Now it is also available in green, red, and grey and with various print options. Earlier, it was for men, but now it is the most preferred fabric for women.

Chambray was used to sew Kurtis, trousers, tunics, which is now a favorite fabric of Indians. It has the same properties as cotton. For instance. It keeps you cool in hot and humid weather.

Tips for maintaining the quality of Chambray

Do not machine wash, as Spandex and Lyra that are mixed to give stretchability for body-fit dresses, will lose their elasticity.


You must have heard about this a lot if you are an Indian. The most popular fabric in India. Khadi is a handmade fabric made of cotton, silk, and wool. It absorbs moisture and allows your skin to breathe.

Khadi cotton is the best choice in summer. This light and the soft fabric look unique because of its different texture.

Tips to maintain Khadi

  • Dry clean or wash   in cold water with mild soap
  • Let this fabric dry in shade.

Fabrics to avoid during summer

  1. Nylon – will increase the heat generation in your body.
  2. Leather – will not allow your skin to breathe and also will cause skin chaffing.
  3. Satin – is a non-breathable cloth and makes you feel uncomfortable.
  4. Polyester – will not absorb sweat and causes skin irritation
  5. Rayon – will create skin irritation as it does not absorb sweat

Fashion is given to you four times a year by designers, and style is what you choose said Lauren Hutton (American model and Actresses). It is necessary to choose the right kind of
fabric that can keep your skin happy while not compromising on the current trends. That is why we at Cotton Monk never compromise on the comfort and quality of our products. Until we are back with our next blog, stay hydrated and keep your skin comfortable this summer!