The tech pack is an essential document for both the designers and manufacturers while producing new products. It’s also called in different names like spec sheet/style sheet etc. This blog will communicate the tech pack in detail.

What is a Tech Pack?

Tech pack is a blueprint created by the designer. It has detailed instructions for the manufacturer to convert a piece of fabric into a finished product. In simple words, it contains technical information to make unique apparel from scratch.

Tech pack contains fabric specifications, print details, artwork placement, labeling, and packaging. It helps to avoid errors.

What exactly does Tech pack have?

● A detailed sketch or rendered illustration
● Washing instructions
● Brand details
● Construction details- include the detailed diagram of collars, cuffs, artwork placement, pattern, etc.
● Measurement and sample size
● Color code and Shade specifications
● Embroidery designs or patterns, any other detailed work needs to be done.
● Stitches width, Seams size, and allowance also will be included.
● Company name, delivery address, date of delivery, label design, etc.
● Bill of Materials

The reputed garment manufacturing will not be possible without tech sheets.

Steps to Create a Tech Pack

1. Prepare an Intro page.
On this page, specify your requirements. Adding sketches or pictures will make them clear on what they need to produce. Also, this will give a clear picture of the material that you want to use.

You can attach Google images as per your idea or, you can sketch your designs. Point to each detail with an arrow mark.

2. Write how many pieces per style, size, or color you want to make.

Specify the number of the product, the design, color, and size.

3. Bill of Materials

Bill of material includes A to Z physical product which is required to create a final product. You can refer to a similar product in the market to fill the BOM.

4. List out what type of material you want to use.

Specify the type of fabric you want to produce. It’s ok if you don’t know all fabrics. Try to highlight some fabric types, it will help your manufacturer to start.

For instance, “Fabric-like wool or cotton to wear in winter”. This will help your manufacturer to choose the right fabric which quickens the process.

The material specification will help the production team to produce quality cloth. Any aesthetic features like zipper, buttons, straps, laces will add to your material.

Note: While you create a material instruction, attach images of each item. For example, If you want to use buttons, mention the color, size, and quality.

5. Talk about the color of the fabric, artwork

Include your color tone through Pantone code. Pantone code is the world’s leading authority on color palettes.

Specify the color code in the tech pack. Because we have multiples of color variations and shades. You can search this in google and attach the image file.

About prints or embroidery

It is important to mention whether the artwork needs to be placed in a specific spot or across the fabric. Here also, you can attach the screenshots or images from google inside the tech pack.

You can use Adobe Illustrator, JPG, PNG, or PDF formats. Check whether the images are acceptable supporting images or not.

6. Mention exact Seam-to-seam measurement

Measurement details should be added to the tech pack so that the manufacturer can quote the cost of production. This will clearly show how much fabric and dye are needed. It will help to create custom size clothing.

7. Include label and brand tags

Adding the brand label on cloth is the exciting one for all the designers. You have to consider the additional cost when designing your labeling as the cost will vary from country to country, city to city.

You can take the Google images or draw by yourself to add the labeling detail in your tech pack. The placement of labeling also needs to be added to the tech pack.

Final Checklist before sending your Tech pack

● Is it an easy and understandable format?
● Did you attach the intro page with various images on the front?
● Have you highlighted how many pieces you want to create?
● Did you highlight the size breakdowns for each piece of clothing?
● Did you mention the Pantone and the fabric type you want to produce?
● Did you mention the exact details of artwork and labeling placement?
● Seam to seam measurement is added or not.

If you tick all the above checkboxes, you can send your tech pack to the manufacturer. Stay tuned for more interesting info about the clothings.