The most desired winter wear – Hoodies, are often the ones to bear the brunt of the dreaded seasonal shift. When the winter gets over, they are thrown in some dingy corner of our cupboards. These super comfortable clothing items also tend to get pushed away a little for coming off as boring. But what if we told you we have a fun solution to alter their outlook and give them a longer usage? Here’s a moderate compilation of looks to give your hoodie a new life for any mood!

1) The Sportsman

More often than not, the sportsman look is something that almost all of us feel comfortable in despite whether we play them or not. The benefit of athleisure fashion (as they are called) is this very fact that you could walk out of your game or the gym to your next event and no one would question your dressing skills. So pair your fitted hoodie with a nice jogger, biker short or even a tennis skirt and sneakers and not only would it make you look fit and active but also trendy as per today’s standards.

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2) The Professional

Weird coming from a hoodie look book no? But you can look very much professional in this free-style manner. Pair a fitted hoodie with a well-cut trouser or blazer and you are ready to kill it at your work. You can add on a silk scarf or a nice formal boot to complete the “confident boss” look. 

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3) The Street Look

Sweatsuits are a thing and we can’t wait for more and more people to have access to it. It’d be the ideal streetwear to be able to walk around in sweat suits and sneakers. But a quick alternative for your little outing can be the street look with loud bold pants or ripped jeans and messy hair. Who knew being shabby could look so neat.

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4) The Cool Dude

Can you believe it if we tell you that you could look cool with minimal efforts while being comfortable? Yes! We are talking about the classic leather jacket and hoodie combo. You can never go wrong with this one be it for a nice dinner, concert or a party. Reverse the mechanism a little bit to pair it with a nice blazer and leather pants and trust us when we tell you that you’d be the next fashion guru in your friend’s circle. 

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5) The Modern Punk

We’d like to think that punk and goth are two styles that’d make its way into every generation without ever growing out of fashion. Take any basic colour hoodie, ideally a black one and pair it with a mini plaid skirt, high boots and some chunky pieces of accessories to impress the goth in you!

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6) The Cozy Look

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about hoodies is the cozy comfort it offers! So there’s no way we are eliminating this look. The best way to look cozy while keeping yourself warm is to experiment with layering. Layer your hoodies with a jacket, a tee, a turtleneck underneath or even some sweatshirts. Another way to ace this look is to pair an oversized tee with almost anything from shorts, miniskirts, trousers and jeans to look like a bundle of nice, warm hugs.

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7) Being Chic

Off-work for a nice day out? We know what you can do with your hoodie. The best thing about these pieces of clothing is how you can experiment with them to no bounds! Try jazzing it up a little with embellishments, designer hoodies or cropped ones. Wanna keep it a little low key? Style the hoodie with a bright, graphic bandana and we are ready to steal the thunder!


Who would have known that one lazy hoodie can get you creating so many looks?! With our basic colour hoodies, we at Cotton Monk have always been excited about coming up with fusion experiments for our hoodies. These are great investments for their durability, comfort and now for also being fashion’s hottest picks of the season. So the next time you have got your eyes on a hoodie, you know how multi purposeful they can actually get!