Clothing Manufacturers in India

The textile industry is a vast industry that has flourished over the years in our country. Clothing manufacturers in India have been on the constant lookout for different manufacturing methods to expand their clientele base and experiment with knitting techniques. Weaving is one such fabric manufacturing method where two separates strings of yarn are intertwined at an angle to create a fabric.

Weaving is one of the oldest and most trusted knitting patterns and has always been a huge hit amongst households all over. In order to find the right weave of the fabric, it is also necessary to find the right custom clothing manufacturer to get the desired weave pattern and prints. Custom Clothing manufacturers are manufacturers who cater to various brands’ needs by agreeing on the design and quantity of the required products based on the brand’s demands.

We at Cotton Monk are proud to call ourselves a custom cloth manufacturing brand that prioritizes client satisfaction and adheres to all of their demands. Through our years in the business, we have closely studied what it is that people look for in woven fabrics from custom clothing manufacturers and try to adapt to different weave patterns and designs.

The fabric weave type alters the fabric’s quality, drape, smoothness, comfort and longevity and thus plays a crucial role in the manufacturing process.  Catering to different weave types also makes us one of the most trusted cloth manufacturers in India. We don’t compromise on our quality and align ourselves with the global trends to the best of our capabilities as we aspire to be the go-to clothing manufacturer in India.

So, if weave types actually decide the comfort and quality of fabric then how many weave types exist and how do each one of them differ from the other? Well to give you a rough idea, clothing manufacturers in India and around the world majorly produce fabrics that fall under one of these three categories – Plain weave, Twill weave and Satin weave. However, permutations and combinations of the above weaves can lead to several results of the weave pattern, each unique from the previous ones.

Although all this talk about weaving and weave patterns might seem alien, you might be surprised to know that almost all pieces of fabric from your cushion covers to curtains and clothes are woven fabric patterns. So it only fair that we know our weave patterns and their benefits.

Plain Weave [clothing manufacturer in India]

It is the simplest, most basic weave that is used to manufacture the most number of weave fabrics. In this certain weave pattern, two yarn strings are crisscrossed at right angles to form tightly knit fabric pieces that are mostly used in furniture and clothing. Their tight surface also ensures longevity and endurance over time, making it the cheapest and most preferred weave.

It is recognized through its checkerboard-like appearance with its one up, one down weave pattern. These are used to make anything from heavy canvases to thin muslin-like cloth. Chiffon, Organza and Taffeta all fall under this weave pattern.

Basket Weave is a sub-category of plain weave that looks like a straw basket as a result of several threads being weaved over and under each other in a checkered pattern. Basket weave is a slightly more complicated crisscross weave structure. Due to its difficult and time-consuming sewing process and its soft, loose weave pattern, it is a rare household fabric. This weave used to make fabrics like the Monk’s cloth, is widely seen in suits and Panama hats as it requires high maintenance.

Twill Weave [best cloth manufacturers in india]

Cloth Manufacturers in India majorly use this weave pattern as it is what is used to make most textiles. In this certain weave, yarn strings are weaved across rows to form a diagonal parallel ribbed weave pattern.

This weave structure is relatively stronger and has two fronts to it – the front side or the technical face and the backside or the technical back. The technical face is the side that is used on the outside fo textiles as the weave pattern is more attractive on this end. These fabrics are softer and drape better. They are also used in sheer fabrics and are more durable as stains and marks aren’t as easily observed on twill weave fabrics.

Denim are often twill weave fabrics. Other stronger materials like gabardine and tweed are also manufactured through this weave pattern.

Satin Weave [best clothing manufacturers association of india]

You’d have all heard about a satin textile or a velvety texture. A satin weave is known for its glossy, smooth and lustrous material. It has a shiny top and a dull backside and is popular for its rich elegant appearance.

In a Satin weave, silk or polyester yarns are used in closely knit horizontal and vertical patterns to form several weave designs like the granite weave or a check weave. It has shiny, reflective tendencies and is used to make items like bridal dresses or evening gowns, expensive sarees,  neckties, lingerie and nightwear. It is also used to make fancy upholstery, bed sheets and furnishing fabrics.

Fabrics often undergo extensive manufacturing processes before they reach the desires shape and form. Especially so when it comes to weaving and weave patterns and designs. This art has not only survived for thousand years but also become a crucial element of all households.

Cotton Monk which has established for itself a place in the cloth manufacturing business has delivered several interesting weave patterns and designs in the best possible quality by ensuring extreme care and paying attention to the finer details. At Cotton Monk, monitoring quality and course-correcting is easier because we have under our wings, the end-to-end setup for manufacturing T-shirts. Decades of experience in the industry have helped us pioneer the art of weaving and become one of the Best Clothing Manufacturers in India.


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