Cotton Monk is a leading activewear manufacturer, we have detailed understanding of this segment of clothing and what is required from it. Activewear is essentially clothing that is worn during physical activities or sports. It is manufactured and designed keeping in mind the recreational activities the wearer might endure. Active wear has become a versatile piece of garment in the fashion industry and we dig deeper as an active wear or work out wear manufacturer. We at Cotton Monk understand what goes on to produce the right activewear for the right person. Each piece of garment that is manufactured for activewear or workout wear is highly detailed oriented while the fabric and design characteristics are of
utmost importance during production.

Characteristics to consider in Activewear manufacturing:

High performance garments for activewear or work out wear are manufactured from both natural and synthetic fibres. It is the fabric that stretches more which accommodates moving bodies while maintaining style and comfort, that has become more popular. Cotton Monk looks after each characteristic of the fabric used for active wear manufacturing.

1. Stretchability

Stretch and activewear are synonymous with each other. One of the core characteristics of activewear or workout manufacturing is its stretchability. Having the right stretch allows the person to have general comfort in the freedom of movement, and to achieve the skin tight fit that certain activewear calls for.

2. Endurance

Endurance is a fundamental aspect while manufacturing activewear. Activewear or workout is subject to consistent abrasion in the form of washing and also is usage. Fibre and fabric that is used in the manufacturing of activewear is highly durable.

3. Comfort

Activewear is all about comfort. The goal of any active wear or work out wear garment is its ability to increase the performance of the wearer. The type of fabric used, the cut and style of the silhouette, the trims and printing involved at the time of manufacturing are essential. Every detail that enhances its comfortability is taken into consideration. Fabric tags are replaced with heat transfer printing to avoid the increase the comfort.

4. Breathability

Breathability allows the fabric to absorb moisture and boost its natural evaporation, ensuring freshness, protection and comfort during exercise. Mesh fabric is quite populaz in the activewear  or workout industry owing to its loosely woven structure which enhances its breathability. Ottoman fabric is a widthways ribbed fabric, its structure enhances the breathability and durability of the product.

5. Heat Transfer

The fabric must take into account the thermal insulation functions. It should stay slightly cool in hot weather and slightly warm in cold weather. If the clothing is not able to push sweat to the outside, the athlete’s body temperature rises.

6. Compression

Compression clothes with high spandex that fit snugly to the body enhance blood flow and provide support to the muscles when you work out, according to research. It allows blood to flow back to the heart fast, which in turn minimizes fatigue and allows greater performance.

Why is Activewear or work wear trending?

Activewear has become popular over the course of a couple of years. Its fabric structure and fabric properties are designed for utmost comfort. These garments are designed to leave you looking relaxed, comfortable and stylish through out the day. The rise in trend in getting fit and healthy and the era of self care has also contributed to activewear or work out becoming increasingly popular. The never seen before era of work from home over the
last couple of years led to the stylish active wear or workout Wear which was the need of the hour.

What are the fabrics used for the manufacturing of Workwear or Activewear?

Most if not all fabric that is used for active or work out wear is knitted. Knits are used abundantly because of their structure to stretch in all directions. Polyester is the most common fibre used in active or sportswear clothes. Others include cotton, cotton-polyester, nylon- spandex, polyester- spandex, polypropylene and wool blend. Polyester fabric is strong, non-absorbent, crease resistant and highly stretchable. These factors make polyester one of the most popular fabrics to use for the manufacturing of active or workout wear products.

Knit structures for manufacturing active or work wear:

 1. Single Jersey. Single Jersey fabrics is used in activewear or workwear owing to its highextensible in length & width.
2. Rib Knit is also a fabric that is highly recommended in activewear for its excellent width elasticity.

3. Interlock fabric has excellent stretch and does not curl, hence it is popular in the manufacturing of active or work wear. Fabric Properties we keep in mind while manufacturing of active work wear garments:

Functional properties

1. Light weight
2. High tenacity
3. More stretch ability
4. Thermal preservation
5. More cooling capacity
6. More sweat absorption
7. Quickly drying performance
8. Moisture management

Aesthetic Properties

1. Feeling of softness
2. Surface texture
3. Handle
4. Shine

Cotton Monk has successfully developed and manufactured diverse functional fabrics for activewear to help the wearer improve their performance. Cotton Monk provides you with the best collection of active or work wear that is made with a thorough understanding of materials like climatic circumstances, endurance level, and other factors mentioned above. Here at Cotton Monk, we use the latest technologies such as Anti-Odour, Anti-Static, Anti-Viral & Lighter material making it one of the most high performance active work wear on the market. The product range consists of various garments that are covered under activewear.