Offerings — T-Shirts

Have a look at the types of T-shirts we produce at Cotton Monk for our clients.

Based on the types of Neck Designs
  • Round Neck T-shirts

    A Round neck T-shirt can be a favorite to many of us as it can be easily paired up with various pieces of dresses. Probably, these are the t-shirts which you can find everywhere and it works for both men and women. It can be styled by wearing underneath the shirts. The Round T-shirt goes well for people who have long faces.

  • V- Neck T-shirts

    V – neck T-shirts are a kind of an informal wear that gives a chic look style. This T-shirt works well for those who have broader shoulders and a shorter neck. If you have been spending time in the gym to build your body, then this T-shirt would be the best to show off your neckline and chest-cut.

  • Hoodie T-shirts

    One of the most popular T-shirts among both men and women would be, a Hoodie Tshirt. It gives you instant coziness the moment you wear it. If you are a traveler, vlogger and need some perfect clothes to dive in, then hoodies would be the best option.

  • Y – Neck Tshirts

    Y – Neck Shirts are the type of elongated V neck-shaped T-shirts. In Short, they are the collarless version of Polo T-shirts and they have buttons on the elongated cut of the neck design. You can easily style them by unbuttoning some of them and it gives a toned look by flaunting the body shape.

Based upon the Sleeves
  • Full Sleeves T-shirt

    Here’s another great option to add to your fashion wardrobe. If you are a fashion freak, then this piece of clothing would be a great choice for you. A distressed denim and full sleeve T-shirt can do wonders. Are you traveling to a Hill Station and want to feel cozy, warm yet fashionable? Then, this would be the ideal choice for you!

  • Half Sleeve T-shirt

    These are the most traditional types of sleeves which is preferred by many. A half sleeve T-shirt and trousers would be the perfect match for beaches, long drive. This T-shirt covers the complete upper arm by ending above the elbow.