India has a humongous capabilities to produce all types of Fabrics. With Fabric exports value of 4.8 billon US dollars in 2020-2021, India has multiple clusters for both woven and knitted fabrics. We Cotton Monk along with our supply unit, is well positioned to be among the top Fabrics Manufacturers in India and has the ability to meet growing demands of textile products from India. India is projected to reach 220 Billion US dollars in terms of total textile exports by 2025 and Fabrics export yield around 23% of the total textile exports in India.

Textile fabrics can be produced directly from webs of fibres by bonding, fusing or interlocking to make non-woven fabrics and felts, but their physical properties tend to restrict their potential end-usage. The mechanical manipulation of yarn into fabric is the most versatile method of manufacturing textile fabrics for a wide range of end-uses.

There are three principal methods of mechanically manipulating yarn into textile fabrics: interweaving, intertwining and interlooping. All three methods have evolved from hand-manipulated techniques through their application on primitive frames into sophisticated manufacturing operations on automated machinery.

    • Interweaving is the intersection of two sets of straight threads, warp and weft, which cross and interweave at right angles to each other. Weaving is by far the oldest and most common method of producing continuous lengths of straight-edged fabric.


    • Intertwining and twisting includes a number of techniques, such as braiding and knotting, where threads are caused to intertwine with each other
    • Interlooping consists of forming yarn(s) into loops, each of which is typically only released after a succeeding loop has been formed and intermeshed with it so that a secure ground loop structure is achieved. The loops are also held together by the yarn passing from one to the next. (In the simplified illustration this effect is not illustrated.)


Woven Fabrics Manufacturers in India

India has multiple clusters across north and south India which covers both the Shuttle looms and Shuttle less looms. The clusters includes Coimbatore, Erode, Bhiwandi, Solapur, Salem, Malegaon etc. Weaving industry covers the 70% total jobs in textile industry with more than 4 million people working in it. The are more than 270,000 registered looms which make India the largest power loom store in the world.

Cotton Monk has its weaving supply units in the heart of two clusters from Tamilnadu, Somanur and Komarapalayam in the districts of Erode and Coimbatore. This gives us the mechanism to produce and supply a wide range of woven fabrics to multiple countries. The weave type includes Twill, Drill, Satin, Dobby and the counts goes from 6s to 120s.

The types of woven fabrics we make are 100% cotton, Polyester Cotton Blends, Linen Blends, Lycra Stretchables, 100% Tencil, Tencil Blends, 100% Modal, Viscose and Modal Blends from the Infrastructure of both traditional and modern looms of Airjet and Rapier looms. This puts us one among the leading Fabrics Manufacturers and Suppliers from India and we supply to North America, Europe, South America and Australia.

Knitted Fabrics Manufacturers in India

Knitting is the most common method of interlooping and is second only to weaving as a method of manufacturing textile products. Millions of tons of knitted goods are produced annually throughout the world. Although the unique capability of knitting to manufacture shaped and form-fitting articles has been utilised for centuries, modern technology has enabled knitted constructions in shaped and unshaped fabric form to expand into a wide range of apparel, domestic and industrial uses.

More than 60% of India’s knitting industry is in Tirupur, Tamilnadu. Tirupur is rightly called as the kniting capital of India and there is not a thing in knitted fabrics that Tirupur can’t produce. Having our base in Tirupur and being founded from the city of knits, we Cotton Monk produce numerous range of Knitted fabrics for our own apparel production as well as supply to many clothing brands across the globe.

The types of knitted fabrics we produce are 100% Cotton, 100% Viscose, French Terry, Boucle fleece (front side terry+back side brushed), Cotton Bamboo Blends, Polyester Bamboo, Organic Cotton Jersey, Slub Jersey, Spandex Baby Terry etc.

The automated Inspection system at Cotton Monk captures the realtime data on contamination and defects in Fabrics which helps us to manufacture and supply 100% defect free fabrics which continues to satisfy the clients till date. We also use an in house software to record these data which helps our technical team to prevent any similar mistake again.

Right from procuring yarns to fabric packing, our units supply chain is fully streamlined to put us into the map of leading Fabrics manufactures in India. If you have any requirements of Fabrics, Please email us here.



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