In 2021, our lives have changed slightly in various forms and levels. One important thing of that is the seriousness of exercise and its benefits. Thanks to Covid. We have started to give 20% more importance to how healthy we are and how we can keep our body fully functional at its maximum potential. It has a ripple effect on how we perceive activewear.

We collaborated with one of our long-time European clients on the survey. The brand reached out to 1500 of their customers and surveyed why they consider that activewear is important and why they need it. In that 93% of the people had similar reasons.

Here are the benefits of activewear:

1) Sweat absorption and Breathability

You know that you are going to sweat a lot while exercising. It is good to sweat because it is the way to cool down your body. Of course, sweat may give you discomfort feel, and it will slow down your action. Activewear is designed to wicking moisture out, thus helps you stay dry and prevents skin irritation and inflammation.

2) Activewear protects you from discomfort

Activewear will be comfortable on your body. You may have heard of compression shorts. Compression wear usually comes in the form of legging, shorts, sleeves, etc. Compression shorts and shirts put pressure on the muscle, which protects you from injuries, inflammation.

Another great example is Sports Bra. One of the most popular benefits of the sports bra is it can reduce movement during physical activity. It is sturdier than regular bras, so you will not face discomfort. It helps in reducing breast pain and regulates blood circulation. Hence, a good sports bra is a must in any woman’s gym kit.

3) Enhance your performance

Active wears are designed to unleash your full potential. It supports every movement and helps prevent injuries, heat burns, and sweating. The more comfortable you are, the more you will workout. This activewear helps to increase the blood circulation from and to limbs, so your muscles will be oxygenated and work better.

4) It will lift your confidence level

It is very important to choose the right clothes during a workout. For example, wearing jeans for jogging or weight lifting, you will not be able to stretch your body as much as you would like.

Another must-have product in an exercise routine is Shoes. It makes a huge impact while running or any other sports.

A perfect attire will lift your confidence level, and it will motivate you to continue your workout.

5) It protects you from the weather

You must consider the weather condition if you workout outside. Activewear will protect you from heat-related issues during summer. It allows air to circulate and cool your body by evaporating sweat. Choosing light colors would be the best option during summer to protect from sun rays.

During cold weather, you can easily layer on clothing to stay warm. But, you must choose the outer layer with proper ventilation. It regulates your body temperature. Gloves and socks will protect your hands and feet.

Things to do Post workout-routine

  1. Do not wear the same dress once used.
  2. Throw your dirty clothes into the laundry bin after each use.
  3. Wash the used clothes separately from the regular clothes.
  4. Fabric softeners may do wonders on other clothes, but it is the biggest
    enemy to your activewear.
  5. A gentle wash with cold water will prevent the fabric from shrinkage or
    any other damage.
  6. The dryer will damage the elasticity of the fabric and will alter its size.

Bonus Tips to choose the appropriate clothes:

  1. Sleeveless t-shirts: Sleeveless t-shirts are the best choice during shoulder workouts.
  2. Training tights: Training tights will help you a lot in leg movements
  3. Tank tops: Tank tops can be worn by those who have already build your
    body. It cannot be a good choice for newcomers.
  4. Maternity activewear is also available for expected moms.
  5. Activewear is available in plus size also. So you need not worry about
    your size.

A fitness freak, Weight Loss, are words that wander around us these days. Everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle, and each of us follows a different way to achieve our goals. Most of us might be invested in equipment, hiring a fitness coach, etc. In that, activewear will be the best investment in your fitness journey.

We at Cotton Monk are happy to help so many around the world to choose right attire for their workout routine. We love to help you to combine your fashion with function together. Have a healthy lifestyle!