We can all collectively agree that sleeping is the one thing that we all look forward to everyday! Although the difference between days and nights has been blurring through the lockdown, the thought of a relaxed night followed by a sound sleep has excited us all, hasn’t it?

To think about it, the clothes you decide to wear to bed after that hot shower has a huge role to play in getting some comfortable sleep. And a good night is surely not to be compromised on especially after all that work stress you’ve been going through. So we decided to put together some night cloth choices to make sure that your nights are as beautiful as comfortable again.

1) Nightgown

With WFH blurring the lines between professional wear and home wear, the Instagram influencers have found a solution in nightgowns. Experimenting with colours, shades and materials, people have been trying out all kinds of looks with these nightgowns ranging from vintage, royal to sexy. But what appealed to us the most about the clothing is it’s flawless comfort in a single piece that we sure can’t seem to resist.

( whowhatwear.co.uk

2) Shorts

There are a few words that can describe rightly the feeling of wearing a night short! By far, the most comfortable piece of clothing to have ever existed, nothing can compare to the relief of changing into a pair of night shorts and loose tees. If we really had to describe this feeling, we’d probably call it sensational pleasure.

( us.boohoo.com

3) Sleeveless tees

Just like the night shorts, sleeveless tees and Camisoles are blessings in disguise for the human body. With the absolute benefit of looking good while being paired with anything, these tees come with an assurance of being soft on our skin and thus help us have an uninterrupted night’s sleep. We personally vouch for them as they are easy to maintain and handle and can be washed and dried in no time.

( ignant.com

4) Joggers

Currently ruling the fashion industry, joggers are also being extensively used as night pants. This is mainly for the reason that it can help keep us warm and comfortable at our houses while also making us look presentable enough for a casual outing. This technically means that you can wake up and jog your way out of the house to work in these very pants. So win-win right?

( https://in.pinterest.com/mensclassicalrev/_created/

5) Ponchos

Although initially ponchos were majorly used in the traditional South American Culture and as rain protection clothes, they have gone on to become a style statement all over. A Poncho is essentially a single piece of clothing with just one opening for the head to go through. Off lately, variations of ponchos are being used as both nightgowns and night tops for their extremely breathable nature. I mean if wearing breeze would have a name, it’d probably be called a Poncho.

( outdazl.com

As firm believers of comfortable clothing, we at Cotton Monk give our utmost attention to making the right kind of outfit to suit every need of yours. Especially when it comes to night wear coz we know how comfortable clothing can make or break your much needed sleep! So remember to choose your night clothes wisely and end your day on a good night as we come back with yet another fashion blog for you.