Have you ever wondered as a kid why you had to wear an Identity card everywhere you walked around your school? Now that you know that it’s for the simple reason of instant recognition and information about oneself, it doesn’t seem as silly does it? Labels for clothes are meant for the very purpose that ID cards are meant for students. Information and Identification! Although it might not sound as exciting, these little tags have a lot going on and play such a crucial role that their manufacturing is a separate division under the textile business. 

Now these labels are extremely accommodating in the sense that they are pro consumers and manufacturers. For the manufacturers they help establish the brand’s identity and retain it through their buyers. They also help consumers by giving them the higher power of information about the product and thus keeping them clear on what exactly it is that they are spending their money on.

In theory, these simple pieces of material, have so much to offer beyond being inclusive for the buyers and sellers. Have you ever noticed why some clothes in your cupboard look more worn out than the others? It’s probably because you hadn’t paid enough attention to their labels that spoke about the textile’s care details. Ripping, shrinkage, fading, heat patches can all be avoided by following the instructions on these labels that talk about how to handle the fabric for prolonged usage.

Labels also help in extensively promoting a brand by establishing the brand’s name every time somebody picks it up to wear it. I mean, haven’t most of us been fascinated by a friend’s wardrobe only to check out it’s label for our reference? And isn’t this more powerful than any other kind of advertisement as you are literally letting your brand’s quality speak for you! But it doesn’t end there. Apart from promotions, they also help a brand be wary of illegal manufacturing of their products. A lot of brands number their labels to keep track of what is an original product and what isn’t. Simple yet effective!

The information that these labels provide is crucial because they help us decide our money’s worth. Labels often talk about the fabric and its source that can help us judge if it’s sustainable, safe for kids, would create any discomfort to our body, all of which are very important details that one must be informed about before using the apparel. Another small yet important information is the size and fitting which if not right can make the investment absolutely pointless. Legally, in many countries it is required that brands only publish verified information on their labels thus making the process all the more foolproof. 

Labels come in different varieties, sizes, colours and alterations to suit the theme, aesthetics and requirement of the brand. Labels are often the first things that the customer looks at after the design of the product, that helps them judge the quality of the brand and thus make an impression. So, a lot of effort and design goes into making this little addition as simple and appealing as possible. They can be made from a variety of materials ranging from cotton, canvas, satin, PVC, taffeta, so on and so forth. The kind of finishing also varies based on the kind of material used for the label. Often brands include a sub-label or a second label with extra information. They can be care label, size label, price label, composition label or anything else that the brand deems as necessary. 

Today, labels are often custom-made by a manufacturer to make it unique. Beautiful, customized labels add to the beauty and style of the garment. They are beaded, embellished, sequenced, ripped or even attached with small handwritten notes or encased with yarn stuffing to grab the limelight! I mean who can resist a cute little note or addition to their clothing item?

Don’t judge a label by its size – said nobody ever. But with over 40 years of experience in the textile business, we can assure you that there is nothing more truer than that statement. We’ll be back soon with a more insightful blog on the fancy world of textile and fashion!