Cotton Monk is one of the pioneering manufacturers of tote bags. We make cloth bags for different brands of various styles and sizes. For brands, along with acting towards an eco friendly supply chain the marketing value tote bags brings to their table is something everyone is weighing on.

The tote bags are made from 100% carded or combed cotton, 100% BCI certified organic cotton and recycled polyester cotton fabrics. Here is some general information on tote bags and its uses.

We one hears about reusable bags, the most common terms that strike people’s minds are carbon footprint, environment friendly, and so on. But wait! What if you were to realize that by using tote bags, you are not just saving the environment but also cutting the cost of your daily expenses on bags by 50% yearly!

What are reusable tote bags?

The reusable tote bags are the best alternative to single-use plastic bags. These tote bags can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from grocery shopping to traveling. Some users classify their tote bags according to the work that needs to be done by organizing them in different sections while some users feel that their tote bags complete them wherever they go, like carrying a hand-purse or a wallet.

Some common uses of tote bags

Carry your food

Be it carrying your food to the office or sending food in the school, tote bags have it all covered with its durability and variety of designs making it easy to distinguish between other’s bags. Tote bags are easy to carry, therefore making it child friendly.

Carry while you sweat

Yes, you read it right! Tote bags are the most trendy bags to carry while going to the gym. It holds everything required for your workout as well as it is easy to carry.

Carry while you shop

While shopping, the most necessary item required is bags to carry the goods. Plastic bags can sometimes strain the hands as they are thin, with tote bags there are no chances of straining your hand as the material chosen is perfect for your hand and shoulder. Therefore, you can go strain-free shopping either to a grocery store or supermarket!

Carry while you travel

Sometimes, taking plastic bags in/along your suitcase can be irritating and one might need to open their suitcase again and again even for petty things. This might be irritating and time-consuming to many travelers. So, grab a tote bag and you can keep all your go-to items beside you while traveling and focus on enjoying the ride.

How are you helping in conserving the environment?

Plastic!, plastic! plastic!. This word is present all over the internet and directs us to one thing every time i.e, “Plastic bags are not recyclable, Ban plastic, Use plastic which can only be recycled, etc..” A single individual can save 192 plastic every year from landfills. Tote bags, on the other hand, are made with materials that can be recycled. This should be a convincing reason to start using tote bags and help save the land animals, sea animals, and soil.

Carry tote bags everywhere! And if you want to make one for your brand, drop us a line.