As unique as we get with our clothing style, some basics never go out of fashion. White t-shirts are one such must-have for every wardrobe. Wear it in a classic white and blue combo, spice it up, and wear it with a tennis skirt, or style it under a slip dress- there are hundreds of ways to style a white tee and we are here to tell you just that!

Basic yet versatile, no wardrobe is complete without this one element. For a wedding, for a party, for the day, for the night, a solid white t-shirt can be styled for almost every occasion! Enough praise, let’s get to it and show you some super cool ways to style a white tee. Read on!

White tee with blue jeans: The classic combo!

For any gender, the white tee and blue jeans combo are the most sought-after as a casual outfit. A statement belt in this outfit can totally change the vibe of it. For casual outfits, you need to match the belt with your shoes. Black belt, black shoes. Brown belt, brown shoes. But for casual outfits, especially for the blue-jeans-white-tee combo, shades of brown are the most perfect choice of a belt. Coming to the jeans, you don’t really need to stress about the shades of blue because pretty much each tint and shade goes perfectly with white!

White tee with tennis skirt: The sexy combo!

A white tee paired with a black tennis skirt is a heavenly match. Be it a crew neck tee, a V-neck tee, a polo t-shirt or a raglan style one, a solid white t-shirt looks crazy good with a tennis skirt. Add semi-transparent stockings and there, you have a deadly combo! A sporty pair of sneakers on the top of it and you have a full outfit.

White tee with slip dress: The cute combo!

A slip dress should be an inseparable part of your capsule wardrobe throughout the year. You can easily style a white tee OVER and UNDER a slip dress. Best part? Most colors, prints, and textures of a dress would look great with a white t-shirt. Polka dots on a pastel color, flannel print in red and black, or even a solid dress with a dark color goes well with a white tee. If you have a polo-neck white tee, you can even style it under a sweater!

White tee with culottes: The snazzy combo!

This duo works out well for occasions such as a brunch date, work, or eventful evening party. You can change your choice of culottes but keeping that white tee as it is, you can achieve tens of outfits for multiple occasions. A sleeveless white t-shirt would look particularly great if you like wearing culottes. A pair of white sneakers, a small round hat, and a delicate wristwatch or bracelet will accentuate the look!

White tee as a crop top: Our favorite!

This! This is our favorite part. Did you know there are more than ten ways you could knot, tie, or tuck your t-shirt? Knot it sideways, knot it at the front, roll and tuck it under a bralette you’re already wearing or simply tuck the front knot inside the t-shirt itself! Honestly, the sky’s the limit in this tuck-and-tie game. These styles look simply amazing with denim. Be it shorts, skirt, or pants, they look gorgeous with a good denim item to complement it.

Bonus tips:

  • Wear an animal print wrap skirt with your white t-shirt
  • Add a cardigan to your basic t-shirt and jeans combo
  • Style a darker shirt over a white tee
  • Pair them with a colorful midi skirt
  • Last and the best tip: STYLE IT YOUR WAY! Experiment, explore, you do you!


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Furthermore, fashion is super subjective. Some people like it casual, some people like boujee. The bottom line here is- white t-shirt is a super basic yet versatile fashion element. Style it the way you want. Take ideas, take inspiration. But do not feel the pressure to conform to the mainstream styles. If mainstream rows your boat, by all means, do that. If you like to spice things up and add versatile elements to your outfit, don’t hesitate to do so! Happy styling!