After a year of staying at home, we are finally able to look at a slightly brighter future where things might get sooner or later. People have started traveling around and preparing themselves to get back to their offices, with necessary precautions of course. Fortunately or unfortunately, this is coming at the time of the biggest season of the year – the Summer. 

We definitely know what you did last summer, sitting at home trying to get used to the new normal but this summer, we thought we’ll help you make it a little more interesting by talking about trends to look out for in the little time that you do happen to step out. Now a lot of these have also been inspired by the Spring/Summer Fashion Weeks of 2021. So get ready to look Vogue this season!

1) Scarves

Scarves have been hugely inspired from the 50s and 60s when they were the most trending accessory back then. Although it’s debut in Ancient Egypt started with it being used to protect the hair, it eventually went on to become an addition to our daily outfit by making us look quirky or classy without overdoing it. Wear it is a chic necktie, a headband or the uber cool scarf top for the ultimate summer look.

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2) Pastel Tones

With Instagram aesthetics being the ultimate fashion judgement for today’s generation, an ongoing trend that would be just right for the summer are pastel tones. These pleasant colours look so elegant on any kind of skin tone, making them a must-have in everybody’s wardrobe. Be it a mint green top, a light mustard skirt or even a lavender blazer, you are sure to ace the chic look with these pastel clothes.

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3) Cargo Pants

These heavy pants that are often shunned for their numerous pockets are one of the most comfortable fashion statements you can make this year. With variations in denims, cotton and sweatpants, cargo pants should be your ideal go-to bottom wear this summer for their convenience and style quotient.

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4) Business Casuals

This new normal is slowly going back to the previous normal and there is a huge confusion amongst the office going crowd as to how to not work with your pyjamas on. But the fashion world has a solution with a new range of business casuals that are so comfortable that you’d actually be willing to get off your pyjamas for them. With loose trousers, untucked everything, unruly tees back in trend, pair a casual tee with a blazer or a cotton shirt with a high waist skirt or trousers and you are ready to ace your comfortable professional look without feeling guilty about it.

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5) Bare Back

Ladies Ladies, it’s time to flaunt your bodies again and we aren’t talking about any subtle cuts or dips. The whole of spring/summer fashion week was dominated by designers flaunting their backless pieces with such elegant exuberance that it’ll almost instantly have you wanting to jump into the trend. We say what better time to flaunt it than the hot summer weather with some breezy dresses?

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6) Game it up!

Now this’ll be something that you are sure to be interested in. With track pants and loose tees having been the go to home attire for the past year, what if we tell you that you can walk out just like that ? From bike shorts, to sunnies, hoodies and tracks, all these comfortable pieces are being recommended by the top designers of the world so there’s no stopping you from all that sports authority.


7) Cotton Sweats

Winters or summers, humanity’s united stand towards wearing sweatpants all through the years is truly something to be proud of. Whether it is for a movie binging spree, sleepover, a houseparty, workout, casual outing or a sweet breakfast date, a pair of super cozy sweatpants or joggers is surely the icing on this cake. Now we aren’t bringing back any trend, we are just saying some trends never die and boy are we glad!

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8) Something Blue

In a lot of wedding customs in the christian community, it is considered lucky for the bride to wear something blue on her wedding day. Even the ancestors knew that no other colour can bring out that pop and make one stand out like the Majestic blue! Equal parts bold and beautiful, a bright blue accessory can enhance your summer outfit and bring out the zing in you. This stands all the more true if you decide to pick an outfit in monochrome or shades of grey.

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Understanding how important it is to feel comfortable in the summers, we at Cotton Monk make our range of products using the finest cotton yarns that makes your skin breathe without compromising on the style quotient. These were some trends that we thought would be interesting to see you all wear this summer. Until we come back with some more fun blogs on fashion trends and the textile industry, remember to relax, keep yourselves safe and have a great summer!