It is the period for self care and comfort again and so naturally it is also time to talk about the coziest, funkiest piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Socks! The superpower that saves cold feet and wraps a bad day up with warmth. 

These gems of fabric need to be spoken about more for how much they do to us. For keeping us warm, keeping our feet healthy, motivating us to stay on our toes and letting us express ourselves. These pieces of clothing come in a plethora of shades and patterns with provisions to customise it to your heart’s content. This is why we at Cotton Monk derive immense pleasure in manufacturing customised cotton socks for our clients that work well with people across regions, age groups and gender. We decided to sum up its different kinds we manufacture with the list of socks types to help you understand and appreciate your socks a little better!

  1. Ankle Socks

Initially popular for being athletic socks, these mini crew socks that don’t exceed the the rim of your ankles in length, went on to be a pop cultural hit in recent times. They are multi-functional in the sense of how they can be used as everyday wear for casual outfits and also as activewear.

Due to their minimal size, they are available in different patterns and colours including bright, neon shades. They go perfectly well for a chic look as well as funky looks with the current trend being pairing up different colours and patterns of socks together. They go really well with kicks and sneakers, to jazz up your everyday look.

  1. Dress Socks

The most professional ones, the dress socks, are what are commonly used for work outfits with formal shoes. These breezy knit fabrics are mostly available in dark shades of blue, grey, black, brow  and other neutral shades. They go up to the calf in terms of their length and hide perfectly behind pants. You can also experiment with alternate colours for family events. 

  1. No-show socks

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Truly so, because if you’ve ever judged someone for not wearing their socks below their professional attire or an ethnic one, it is very possible that they are wearing one, just that you can’t see it. The No-show socks are super functional and extremely short in a manner where they aren’t visible after one wears their footwear.

They help keep your foot warm without being explicit about it and also protect your feet from blisters and shoe bites. Due to their low profile, they go well with any kind of footwear and on any occasion. So if you are not someone for the bling and show, here’s the perfect pair of socks for your shoe!

  1. Crew length socks

There ought to be a hero in every category, isn’t it? Crew Socks is the most popular kind of socks that is owned by almost everybody who owns a shoe. Worn mostly with shoes, casuals and kicks, most of these socks are lightweight and are made from 100 % cotton.

Hitting just below the middle of our calves, these don’t just look sporty but also charming.

They are perfect for most daily occasions like schools and sports practices because of the support and protection they provide and their coverage. Their material also helps keep the feet healthy and hygienic especially for fitness freaks who love to sweat it out.

  1. Mid-calf length socks

Much like their name, these popular “Trouser Socks” are high in length and can be rolled up to the calf. They are  mostly used by women for formal events but are versatile enough to be used for different occasions based on the designs and patterns and the types of materials they are made off. In the winter, they are mostly made of Wool as opposed to light breezy fabrics for the summer.

They are made of extremely thin fabric that is airy, breathable and stretchy thus making them very functional for long periods of time without causing any discomfort. They keep your feet nice and warm and are often paired up with boots and loafers for a classy casual look, if not for the formal attire. 

  1. Tabi Socks

Check your draws and you’ll be sure to find a pair of split – toe comfort socks that feels like home. Super functional, these socks and slippers are a pair made in heaven! Mostly worn at home or to keep your feet warm during travel, these socks are so convenient that they can be worn throughout the year.

  1. High Socks 

Worn as winter wear, Knee High socks or Over the Knee socks, are a big hit amongst women in the colder countries. However, as much as they help keep one warm, their use extends beyond just warmth to being a fashion statement all around the world. 

Often they are paired up with long boots, skirts and shorts or winter jackets to make a style statement. They are used by men and women alike for other functional uses as well, such as for sports activities like football or weightlifting.

  1. Casual Socks

Fun in the form of clothing, casual socks are the smaller, quirkier socks that have an universal language – i.e. they can be worn with any costume at any given point of time. They add a lot to your outfit and help elevate your personality. If you don’t own a pair of funky casual socks in your wardrobe, we can’t be friends anymore!

Getting to know socks and their variants only goes on to show how much socks are an important part of one’s fashion identity. Nothing can scream out one’s personality and expression like your favorite pair of socks. Not only are they a fashion statement but also a great conversation started to bond over with.