It’s the season of jeans again! Wait… who are we kidding? It’s never not the season of jeans! The one thing that you can open anybody’s cupboard and be guaranteed to find would be a pair of jeans. Sometimes more than a few pairs ranging from light coloured ones and dark ones, stone – washed jeans, torn jeans, treated ones, bootcut jeans, Boyfriend jeans and what not. In fact it is also said that one can understand a lot about a person’s taste from the kind of jeans they wear. 

This comfort wear that finds itself a home in everyone’s home can sometimes get a little troublesome as much as it is useful. With evolving fashion and changing tastes, we often find ourselves sheltering more jeans than we would need. These could have a sentimental values or you just don’t feel like disposing them off because jeans are never meant to be thrown right?. To add on to this, fast fashion temptations often have us hoarding way more than what we’d need! So what do we do with all those excess pairs that laystashed in the corner of our wardrobes?

Cotton Monk has always firmly believed in sustainable fashion. And one part of sustainable fashion that is often underestimated but something we highly recommend is Fabric Upcycling. This is the process of refashioning another product from an existing product. Which in simple words translates into  recreating your old piece of clothing to something more interesting or fashionable or simply more useful. Fabric upcycling is not just a sustainable trend but can also end up being a super engaging process with your dear ones that helps enhance one’s creativity. 

So go ahead and make eco-friendly choices while bringing out your creative juices. Here we have compiled a few ways of upscaling your old pair of jeans. Get your scissors and thinking hats on!

1) Bag it up!

Why wear an old pair of jeans when you can carry them to town! Well we aren’t going to confuse you more but the easiest and most useful product that can be made from old jeans is a funky bag! From totes to small wallets to carry your coins, you can customise this and and add frills by including pom-poms and jean pockets, by shredding the ends or by using an alternate pair of fabric for the handles.

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2) Jewellery

Be it the bohemian look or the wild traveller look or even that look from the rebellious 80s, jewellery made out of jeans is the way to go about.  And what’s the best part? These jewels can be made from the scraps remaining from making other products. Twist, twirl and add up a bead or two, to get a variety of bracelets, headbands and earrings. And if you are really in the mood for it, take it a notch ahead by making yourself a twisted locket or a multi-layer anklet.

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3) Woven Rugs

Another interesting way to upcycle your jeans is to weave a beautiful denim rug out of it. Not only does this add a zing to your house but also provides soft comfort when your feet need some pampering after a tiring day’s work!

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4) Apron

If you are the kind who despises mess, then this is one product that you should be using your old jeans for. Aprons are organisers in themselves as they help you be be more systematic while protecting you from all the mess. Be it cooking or for craft work, add some pockets to your apron and you have your very own working gear 🙂

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5) Fabric Pin Board

Hoarded with tasks and need to keep a track of it? Not only is this an efficient method but also a beautiful one that’ll further motivate you to finish your tasks – Cut your old jeans into any shape and size of your choice to convert them into a pin board. You can then hang your tasks, your grocery list, favourite recipes, favourite artwork and more.

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6) Footwear

So what if you can’t wear your jeans? They can still travel the world with you on your feet! Who would’ve guessed that making yourself a pair of nice footwear would be this easy? Although this one is for little kids, nothing should stop you from making a pair for yourself.

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7) Accessories

As much as you love a little pampering, your daily companions would love it too. Regardless of how worn out your old pair of jeans are, you can surely cut off a good piece to make some accessories off it. Be it your phone, your coffee mug or even your water bottle, pump up their look with denim protection. Embellish it with beads, add some feathers or paint on it to make it look all the more quirky.

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8) Denim Photo Frame

Can’t get rid of an old pair because of the memories associated with it? Then why not make some brand new ones with it? Make a beautiful denim photo frame from your old pairs to cherish your favourite memories in a more exciting manner.

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If you are one for mandalas or crochets, coasters might just become your new favourite thing. Make a pair of upcycled denim coasters from the pockets of jeans. You can also use shredded pieces to go all out with braiding patterns and criss-cross stitches for your coffee mugs. If they turn out to be good enough, they can also make great gifts for your loved ones.

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10) Storage Baskets

Let alone throwing your old jeans out, you can now turn them into storage baskets that’ll help you store more of their kind. You can use them as laundry baskets, to store old toys or books or even as plant covers to add a little blue to the greens. All you have to do is to cut the legs of your jeans apart and stitch them in place for simple but efficient baskets.

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11) Wall Organisers

Vertical organisers are the most convenient way to go about with your daily tasks. Especially if you have one as interesting as this one made out of your old jeans pockets. Recycle old jeans and use your creative juices to make this organiser an art board of your tasks.

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12) Dream Catchers 

Don’t throw away your old jeans when you can make beautiful dream catchers off them. Somewhere we’ve all eyed these gorgeous wall hangings with beautiful feathers floating all around them. Get yourself a spherical frame and use the jeans to make beautiful denim feathers without using needles and threads. Customise them to your heart’s content and look at the wonders an old pair of jeans can do!

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Any other quirky ideas? Share it with us, we would love to hear how you upcycled your jeans.