The fashion discourse has kept evolving over time. From the Victorian corsage to modern crop-tops, style statements have kept evolving. . As outfits come in a wide range of sizes, colours and shapes, it is tricky to pick out the perfect one for you So, keep in mind that your comfort level should be the main priority. Opt for the ones that are good for your skin and have a longer product lifespan.

If you are wondering how to determine the quality of a garment, this blog is for you. Several variables help in assessing whether an outfit is worth your investment. You should pay attention to-

  • Dimensions of the outfit
  • Function of the garment accessories
  • The garment labelling
  • Ability of the outfit to prevent virus transmission

This blog offers you an in-depth look into why your clothes must meet these set industry standards and check their quality yourself. 

10 Ways How To Determine The Quality Of A Garment

When you are opting for a new outfit, its cosiness and durability are some of your main concerns. Your clothes should also not face fast discolouration. Shrinkage, button popping or ripped seams also are not feasible options. So, it is highly important to be sure of the quality of the garment before you finalise the purchase. 

As mentioned briefly above, assess the-

Dimensions Of The Outfit

An ill-fitting garment can really be bothersome when you attend that birthday dinner or office party you were looking forward to. Moreover, there is an added hassle in getting a replacement, primarily if you deal with e-commerce companies. 

So, make sure you are spending your hard-earned money on a product that caters to your requirements. The parameters of sizes and heights can vary from brand to brand. As the measurements are still mainly done by hand, custom-made dresses also have the chance of not fitting correctly. 

Therefore be aware of the margin of error applicable and whether you are comfortable with it or not. Specify your tolerance range for the garment dimensions when you order a new shirt to get sewed or a blazer for stitching. This way, you also have better coordination with the tailor providing you with the service.

Function Of Garment Accessories

The glamorous and voguish outfits that set you apart in a crowd also come with stylised accessories like press studs, ribbons, buttons and zippers. Therefore, make sure they are made with standard materials to remain functional in the long run. A broken button and zipper can turn your groovy Christmas jacket completely unusable. 

To ensure that these accessories are appropriately attached to the garments and are sustainable in the long run, you can perform some on-site tests, such as- 

  • Stretch Test: You can stretch the straps and electric bands to check for any potential damage in the elastic fibre or stitching. Ensure the products are offering proper elasticity.
  • Pull Test: When it comes to zippers, you can perform this easy test to get an idea about their longevity. Just pull on the accessory for around ten seconds to see whether it is properly attached to your dress. You can also zip and unzip the garment repeatedly to check if parts like the slider, teeth, tape, insertion pin and starter box are working properly.
  • Fatigue Test: This inspection procedure is applicable for garments that use buttons or snaps as outfit closures. You can repeatedly button and unbutton the shirt or overcoat around 50 times to ensure no breakage. 

The Garment Labelling

Specific wardrobe choices come according to characteristics. For example, some fibres have set rules regarding washing them. Or your skin might be sensitive to some textile products. So, you must refer to the garment labelling before you purchase a dress.

Outfit brands are legally required to offer specific information about their products on their labels. Based on these parameters, you can make an educated judgement about the standard of the clothes. So, keep an eye out for specifications like-

  • Care And Washing Instructions
  • Country Where The Garment Is Produced 
  • Fibre Content
  • Brand Information
  • Style Numbers
  • Sustainable Product
  • Flammable Product
  • Manufacturer Identity

Ability Of The Outfit To Prevent Virus Transmission

Several textile materials are susceptible to the growth of mould and microbial colonies. During weather extremities in both summer and winter, viruses are able to thrive more than in general. So, it is vital that you opt for apparel that can help prevent such transmissions. 

For example, studies have shown that products made out of surface-modified cotton fabrics have effective antimicrobial elements in them. Therefore, these products are largely effective in resisting the spread of viruses like E. coli and S. aureus. 

So, when opting for a new get-up, ensure that you are making zero compromises with your health concerns.

Seam Pattern Of The Dress

Fashionistas sport visually dynamic clothes that need precise and acute stitching procedures. The quality of a great shirt or a long skirt depends significantly on how the individual fabric pieces are connected together. So, before adding them to your collection, ensure that the apparel you pick has neat and secure seams and not lacklustre stitches. 

For example, the zigzag pattern of a serged seam is dependable for lightweight products like a t-shirt. Alternatively, a sustainable hemline is essential when it comes to loadbearing seams. Finally, it would help if you also made sure that the seams of your tailored top and jackets are reinforced so that the apparel does not get stretched out over time.

Speaking of preventing your apparel from stretching, be sure that the clothing has proper facings and interfacings. These tailoring mechanisms are used to ensure that the seam is protected from general tear and wear in places like button placket, sleeve opening, collars and necklines, shoulders, etc. 

Linings Of The Apparel

When you are opting for a customised or highly delicate product, ensure that it contains a high-quality lining. Apparel lining gives it a sharper outlook and extends its product lifespan. Linings also play a crucial role in making sure there is minimal contact of the outfit’s outer shell with your skin oil and sweat. 

Moreover, linings make it easier to have a perfectly fit dress that does not get baggy over time. You should also know about the kind of fabric the manufacturers are using for the lining. Sturdy, antistatic material is the best possible course of action in this regard. You might opt for the kind of fabric your skin is most comfortable in. 

It is strongly suggested that you ensure the lining fabric and the upper fabric have the same care code to prevent any hassle when washing them. 

Outfit Pockets

Irrespective of your choice of ready-made or custom-made dresses, check that the pockets are of proper length. Also, ensure that a neat stitching process is undertaken to reinforce the opening. 

Sheerness Of The Clothing

When opting for lightweight or transparent products, make sure they are not susceptible to easy tears and damage. These products are made with lesser fibres, so high-quality textile materials must be used to produce them. It is also a great decision to buy apparel with an embroidered or perforated design.

Stiffness Of A New Jeans

According to GQ, arguably the most influential fashion magazine of current times, your new denim outfit should actually feel stiff and heavier when first bought. This is because these products have a higher thread count, resulting in extra weight. 

As harmful chemicals and lesser thread count are a cheap go-to method to produce new soft jeans, it is better to avoid such products. In the long run, they are prone to easy damage. 

Warranty Of The Garment

Specific warranty periods and garment exchange policies can vary depending on the companies. But products from reliable manufacturing brands always carry authentic paperwork about the post-purchase facilities you can get. Moreover, a decent warranty period is a sign that the makers are confident in the product’s longevity.  

So here you go! As you have come this far, now you have a clear idea about how to determine the quality of a garment. Then, go ahead and pick out dresses of your choice to create a look that compliments your unique and extraordinary personality!