Cotton monk being a manufacturer and supplier of yarns, we got curious and took it upon us to find the different uses of threads in India. Threads are a tightly twisted strand of two or more yarn. We all know that it is used for hand sewing and sewing machines at home. But have you given a thought about the cotton threads beyond that? What all can be done using cotton threads? We have made a list of ten usages from what we found.

1. Patchwork

Almost all Indian households a few decades back had cotton thread at home. Many of the households still do. Why? Because they used cotton threads to mend or patch up any torn clothes. Many of us have let go of the concept of mending our clothes, which is sad. Mending our clothes helps us reduce the cloth waste being generated and is a sustainability practice. So, if you don’t have cotton threads at your home right now, you might want to buy some.

Also, patchwork has become fashionable. It is a double win right there!

2. Sewing

Cotton thread has been used for sewing for ages. Since cotton clothes are prominent in India, the usage of cotton sewing thread is also very common. As a rule of thumb, the same material thread should be used for sewing as the fabric’s yarn. Since the sewing cotton is lightweight, it is used to sew many other materials to protect the cloth. Because, if the thread is weaker than the fabric, any stress on it will only result in the seam breaking and not the fabric tearing. And cotton threads tend to be on the weaker side compared to polyester and other threads.

3. Quilting

Cotton is the perfect quilting thread. If you don’t know what is quilting, it is the process of making those fluffy and warm padded blankets or bed covers. Now you get why the cotton thread is the best for it, right? It is the most preferred thread for quilting because it doesn’t stretch and make the cloth wrinkle after being washed or used for some time. Oh, and the smooth matte look is a bonus.

Instead of normal cotton thread, you can choose to use pearl cotton thread. It has a lustrous look and is heavyweight.

4. Embroidery

Embroidering is one of the favourite pass-times and craft activities of many Indian women. Embroidery cotton thread is made specifically for this purpose. They come in a variety of vibrant colours and have a beautiful soft sheen to it. Women also use embroidery in blouses to create amazing designs.

5. Tying flowers

Here is another traditional usage of cotton thread in India: tying flowers. While today we are getting flowers tied from vendors, earlier every household used to purchase loose flowers and they were tied with the cotton thread at home. These tied flowers are used till date to decorate god’s pictures or idols and women wear it in their hair.

6. Crocheting

Crochet is basically a technique of needlework by which thread or yarn is made into usable textile by making interlocking loops using a crochet hook. Cotton is a great choice as a crochet thread and is also preferred for knitting. This technique is particularly popular as a stress buster because it is so much fun to do. You can create anything from dolls to sweaters using this technique. Crochet cotton will make your creations look colourful and soft.

7. Jewellery

In recent years, jewellery making from thread has grown in popularity. Why not? It is difficult to match jewellery for the range of colours in Indian clothing. So, making jewellery out thread seems not just appropriate but quite convenient. Just get the colour of cotton thread you want and you can make gorgeous jewellery out of it as you please. (pst… it’s also a great business idea if you have some spare time)

Remember the pearl cotton thread mentioned earlier? They are great for jewellery making too.

8. Touch up your gifts

This is a cute little hack you can do with cotton thread. Once you have wrapped up the gift you are going to give, take a cotton thread, tie it around the box and make a bow on the top. This makes your wrapping look much prettier. You can also do this with greeting cards and letters. To take it a step further and fancier you can add a wax seal at the end of it to give a retro touch.

9. An endless list of crafts & decoration pieces

Major uses of cotton threads have been mentioned above but you shouldn’t think that that’s all you can do with it. Hence, the last and an open heading to finish the list. Cotton threads are versatile and can be used to make several crafts and decoration pieces. Your creativity is the limit. All you need to do is gather some information about different types of cotton threads and their properties. Once you do that, you will be a wizard of cotton thread crafts.

That’s all for the list. But more interesting blogs are getting ready for the fashion enthusiast in you to enjoy. Stay tuned to get your mind blown.