Remember those times when your parents got a single piece of cloth in bulk and got the entire family to stitch clothes out of it? Uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings would all wear similar looking outfits cut from the same piece of cloth. Well, think again if you believe such family coordinated outfits are a thing of the past.  There may be cringe-worthy memes about it but fashion is a cycle, and it looks like this trend too has reappeared but in a slightly different form. These days, friends, couples, family members are often seen wearing identical clothes – t-shirts, jumpers, hoodies, and other ethnic-inspired clothing pieces. Twinning selfies and therefore twinning T-shirts and hoodies has been in a trend for a while now. Be it fun prints, catchy  tagline or ethnic wear matching outfits, they all bring out the  ‘squad’ phenomenon.

What value does matching clothing bring to the table?

● Matching clothing lets the entire family stand out. It demonstrates that you are a team that enjoys having fun and thinking beyond the box.

● For certain occasions, many families arrange matching costumes. It’s truly a worldwide phenomenon, and there’s a reason behind it. Matching outfits generate a specific ambiance that elevates events such as get-togethers and weddings. Matching family outfits may also be a wonderful way to remember certain anniversaries or occasions, such as birthdays.

● It saves time, as one needs to search for clothes individually for each person of the family but buying matching sets of clothing with different sizes saves a ton of time because selection has to be made only once and everything else will come pouring in.  

When can one use Matching outfits?

There are a lot of occasions when one can wear matching outfits!

● One clichéd occasion is the vacation, people love wearing matching outfits while they’re out and enjoying with their loved ones. Wearing the same outfits gives them a sense of adventure and of course, togetherness! One appears a team and that’s what we want in a vacation right? To be together.

● Then there are anniversaries and, wearing the same outfits encourages people to ‘get in the mood’. Printed T-shirts stating ‘Cheers and Beers to 21 Years’ or a simple ‘Happy Birthday’ can bring a lot of excitement for the person who is celebrated.

● Independence Day, Holi, Diwali, Christmas and many other festivities call for get-together with similar ethnic wear clothing. These festivity matching outfits add an element of warmth and create an ambience of liveliness to the already vibrant & festive mood.

Matching outfits for everybody


The whole family wearing matching clothes is really fun.same T-shirts consisting of similar patterns, cartoon figures or even tags line such as ‘Mama Bear’, ‘Papa Bear’ and ‘Baby Bear’ can look really cool. There’s a lot which can be printed on the T-shirts to make it look super fun! Similarly Ethnic wears can be made in all sizes bringing out the family in ‘you’. Not to forget the family lounge wear or sleep wear which has been a picking trend of late.



Couples wearing matching attires is another ‘in’ thing especially for photo shootsSynchronised clothing at the gym, while on an outing, for get-together or even just to chill out is  a rage.

Celebrities endorsing such matching outfits, have only set the demand for such outfits soaring and has seen an increasein the demand for twinning outfits for couples.  These outfits can be completed with a print on them, like ‘King’ & ‘Queen’ or ‘Mickey’ & Minnie depicting their relationship in a certain way.

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