When the lockdown had gotten us all looking for hope and positivity in life while letting boredom get to our heads, there were two things that kept us going. Dog videos and pictures of babies. These little beings have it in them to boost our mood no matter how bad a day we’ve had. And how adorable do they look in their cute little outfits that have us falling in love with them in a jiffy! 

It was while looking through these images that it hit us that we hadn’t yet written about our baby clothing range anywhere. There was no way that we were letting our proudest collection go unnoticed. So, we decided to compile a list of our absolutely adorable baby clothes that is sure to keep the little ones happy and comfortable. 

  1. Onesies

Made out of interlock fabric, these onesies have a very smooth surface that makes it a comfortable wear for babies especially newborns. At 160-180 GSM these fabrics are thin enough to be non-irritable and smooth on their sensitive skins without wearing out quickly. 

  1. Bodysuits

Convenience in a piece of clothing, bodysuits often have us wanting to go back to our childhood days when life was much more simple. Made out of soft cotton, they provide ample comfort while this breathable fabric ensures plenty of movement to move along to the baby’s naughty moves.

  1. Skirts and Shorts

Although these clothes are generally designed keeping in mind comfort, it stands all the more true in our case because our skirts and shorts are made giving enough space for movement while being soft on the skin. Comfortable and adorable at the same time, these clothing pieces have us wondering why the adult versions can never look as cute.

  1. Sleepsuits

This has to by far be the most carefully selected clothing item when it comes to kids cause dealing with a cranky child is no easy task! With two types crossover and straight, they are designed to give the absolute best comfort for the little ones while keeping them warm. Being lightweight, they are also easy to wash and maintain, thus making it a win-win situation.

  1. Jumpsuits

Think of them as comfortable nightwear but for the outdoors. Easy to carry, these hassle free clothes are knitted with 160- 200 GSM that is strong enough to protect the little ones on a bright morning while keeping them happy.

  1. Jackets

If terms like elegance, swag and beauty were to come together then they would bow down in front of how lovely babies look when wrapped in these cute hoodies. Our hoodies are made of French or American terry fabrics on the outside to retain the warmth while the inner lining is made of Single jersey fabric thus keeping it smooth on the skin. 

  1. Frocks

These knitted dresses instantly take you back to your childhood days of simplicity and liberation. Woven in varying designs and colours, these clothing pieces are the best choice for a summer outing. Afterall who can deny the fact that there are very few things that look more angelic than little girls frolicking around in their comfortable frocks?

  1. Caps and Beanies

Less of an outfit and more of a necessity to keep the little one safe from the harsh weathers, these clothing additions make even protection look cute. They are knitted in a range of fabrics to suit any kind of weather while retaining the light weightedness through the designs.

  1. Bibs and Sleeping Bag

Although these little kids look adorable even when messy, it’s best to keep them protected at all times. Our knitted bibs and sleeping bags made out of 100% cotton do just that while being easy to maintain.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

  1. Leggings

These knitted leggings made of Single Jersey which is a type of weft knitted fabric that creates only one layer of fabric, is the ultimate definition of comfort. Pair them up with a frock or a nice long top and they are good to go for the whole day.

  1. Shirts

Now we do realise that these are adult costumes for fully grown humans but Hey! We couldn’t resist ourselves.  Made of 100% Cotton, these woven shirts not only look great but also feel as great for the little ones.

  1. Sweaters

How do you convert something that already has an image of being warm and cozy even more cozier? Design them for kids. Our knitted sweaters range between 200-220 GSM, thus giving these little ones the warmth they deserve. Also, babies in sweaters are probably the fluffiest, most drool worthy beings to have ever existed!

As adorable as they look, these little ones need as much of our care and attention during their first few years, as possible! Especially when it comes to their clothing range, it is very necessary to pick out clothes that are both comfortable and warm without being irritable on the skin. Understanding the importance of this, we at Cotton Monk pay extra attention to our Kids wear. We make sure no hard metals or sharp accessories are used to ensure that your loved ones get the best of the attention and pamperin through our lovingly designed clothing range. So you go ahead and admire these adorable babies as we get back to you with another piece from our heart!