Despite the risk of coming out as nerdy, we’d like to go ahead and state our opinion on how we think History isn’t as boring as it is made to be! Infact history, especially the history of evolving fashion gives us insights into fascinating facts about why we wear what we wear and the origin of how we’ve gotten to wear it like we do today. We’ve come to this conclusion only after being absolutely blown away by the history of one of the most comfortable fashion clothing to have ever existed – the Baggy Tees!

Oversized clothes are said to have gained popularity in western fashion during the 1920s. As women started earning voting rights post war in the US and Canada, their social position began seeing better days. This struggle for a more liberated, equal world was reflected in their fashion choices as women led by fashion pioneers like Coco Chanel began to fight against fitted, dignified, high fashion. This liberation was to be represented physically through relaxed fit garments as the need for a new set of ideals for women. These shapeless clothes were to break the ideologies of the male gaze by making the chest and hips look more flat. The movement was such a huge success that oversized clothing began to become a representation of genders beyond a confinement  and also gave women the motive to do the same work as men with their new, comfortable clothing style.

Even if we were to look beyond the pages of the history, Baggy clothing became a means of encouraging comfort wear in one’s day to day life as opposed to the traditional notions of what being well-dressed meant. From official gatherings to social events, baggy clothes especially tees began gaining popularity through their personalised yet trendy looks that could be paired for any event! Being one of the easiest pieces of clothing to suit any need, we decided to show you five of our favourite ways to pair a baggy tee.

  1. Knot-it up

Tie a huge centre knot either at the back or the front of your baggy tee and pair it up with a pencil skirt or baggy jeans to convert an average day’s look into a special one.

5 trendy ways to wear Baggy T-shirts - Cotton Monk

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  1. Keeping it Minimal

We often fail to notice the fact that Baggy tees are a complete outfit in themselves. Pair it up with heavy shoes, chunky boots, heels or some metal accessories and you are ready to look like an absolute stunner.

5 trendy ways to wear Baggy T-shirts - Cotton Monk


  1. Torn Jeans

No outfit can give you a zero disaster guarantee like a baggy tee and fitted jeans. Especially if you have a distressed pair of pants lying at home, top it up with a white sneaker and a watch and you’ll be wearing comfort in no time. 

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  1. Inside Out

Here’s a hack that’s original to baggy tees so we’d suggest you take as much advantage of it as you can. Wear baggy tees over a full sleeved tee or thermals alongside a beanie and you have your own cold weather style. You can also pair it with a baggy jacket for a funky look.

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  1. Tuck in

That’s it. Tuck ins are a win-win situation when it comes to Baggy tees and we’ll tell you why. Tuck it in with a formal jacket and a nice watch and you are ready for that office meeting. Replace the jacket with a leather one or gold jewellery and you are ready to hit the nightlife. Ohh wait, did we tell you how a warm knitted scarf alongside a tucked in baggy tee can make for the perfect lunch outfit?

5 trendy ways to wear Baggy T-shirts - Cotton Monk

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Cotton Monk as a brand is all up for experimentation when it comes to clothing. As firm believers of sustainable fashion, we love pairing an outfit in as many ways as possible to make the most of it while managing to look fresh and vibrant! So these were some ways that we thought would be interesting to wear a baggy tee, which by the way is one of our most favourite kinds of clothing for it’s remarkable comfort.