Dear Readers,

You know what’s the best part about our wardrobe? The comfort clothes or the go to clothes that we can never seem to get rid of! No matter how many times we’ve worn them or how worn out they look, it’s just impossible to not own them anymore! But you might wanna quirk up your look without getting rid of these vintage beauties. Wanna know how we do it? 

We have been in this space so often that we did a little research on how we can remodel our wardrobe with minimal investment. What we found out was a plethora of options on how a small change can elevate your whole look. It not only catered to our fashion crazy minds but also soothed our eco-conscience. So to all our dear readers who want to pump up their wardrobe and fashion quotient while being conscious of the expenditure and your carbon footprints, put your craft aprons cause we are gonna take you on a small ride of discovering new ways to wear your old clothes.

1) Lace

The mother of fashion fixes, a lace can help give a new look to anything and everything. Be it at the cuffs of your old jeans, the sleeves or even the neck of an old dress, mixing a beautiful lace with an outfit can help up your fashion game instantly.

2) Mix n Match

If you wanna go more quirky with your choices, try mixing two old pieces of clothing to get a brand new one. Cut up seams from an old top or fabric and use this to change the look of another cloth. Braid the seams, sew the pieces together on one end as an accessory or add them as patches to an old pant or shirt for a brand new look.

3) Scissors

Surprised to see an object here as opposed to a trend? Well, the object is the trends setter in this case. Go outright bold with your scissors and an old dress to bring in a bohemian vibe to your wardrobe. Cut off the hands of a top, or the cuffs of a pant or even make some cuts near the neck or the back to go for a wild, unabashed look! You know what’s even better? The more unfinished the cut, the better it’d go with your look.

4) Buttons

The smallest but the most impactful circle to have ever existed in the fashion universe.Try exploring the number of varieties of buttons that are available around you and you’d be surprised by what they can do to your existing wardrobe.

5) Peppy Pockets

The one thing you all deserve in your life right now is that big pocket on your dress! So what if the brands won’t give it to you, get the scissors and fabric in your hand and start sewing one for yourself. Try out different colours and patterns from other older clothes to get the bold, big pocket that you deserve.

6) Tie Dye and Bleaching

Although a little more elaborate as compared to the previous processes, this method is a must try to get a completely new look from worn out clothing. Bleach your yellow clothes into red, green or  blue or give a colourful look to your whites and greys using the immortal Tie-dye technique and you have for yourself an outfit that is as good as new with the comfort of your old one.

7) Knots

Tie Knots on any part of your shirt or bottoms to instantly pump up your daily look. Especially if we are talking about loose, oversized clothes! Put your thinking hats on and add knots in as many combinations as possible to look and feel brand new in an old outfit.

8) Polka Dots

Have an old pencil lying around at home? Dip the unsharpened end of it in some paint and imprint it upon your favourite jeans or shorts and you have your very own polka dot outfit! Experiment with colours and circumferences for a fun yet useful craft technique.

9) Embellishments

Every household is sure to have some beads or shells lying at some unnoticed corner. If not anything, go to your local crafts store to get some gems, shiny drops, pearls or shells and stick them on to your dress with some fabric glue.Vintage or Punk, embellishing your clothes can help suit any taste while making one look like an absolute Diva.

10) Scarfs

You’d definitely have some scarfs lying around your wardrobe that you haven’t used for a while now! Now is the time to make use of all those scarfs to give yourself a new look! Use the scarves as belts, or an open shrug or shred them to use them as tie ups or hangings and you are ready to look fantastic.

We at Cotton Monk are in the business of making clothes. So isn’t it strange that we are asking you to upcycle clothes? That is because we strongly believe in being eco friendly. We ourselves have been taking measures to do all we can to reduce our carbon footprints. In fact we have been trying to adapt to the best possible extent, the 17 sustainability goals for business that the United Nations has outlined. It’s a long journey but we are hopeful that we’ll get there soon! That is precisely why we encourage our readers to adopt simple measures that  keep their sense of fashion intact and are also eco friendly at the same time.

Cotton Monk